One day to write

If you had only one day to live, what would you write about?


One day to write in the fields
One day to write in the fields

I would write about the infinity of the stars and the particles we are made of.

I would write about what we all have in common and what makes us great as a human kind.

I would write about the ways in which we are different and what makes us raw.

I would write about the evil in human kind.

I would write about the pure good in people.

I would write about the pain of hurting others and the pain of being hurt.

I would write about number eight how it twists and loops, how it has no beginning and no end just like the universe.

I would write about the magnificence of the brain.

I would write about the magnificence of the heart.

I would write outside by a calm lake or on the beach. I would write in the woods. I would write in  the rain.

I would write under the sun.

I would write in the white of the night.

Copyright (c) 2014 story and photo by Emma Palova

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100 Posts

Blog 100 posts April 25

My journey to 100 posts

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings


On Earth Day April 22nd I reached 100th post on the WordPress publishing platform. I didn’t even know about it until the notification that congratulated me. I kind of felt like “When we put the man on the moon.”

How did I get there?

Based on advice from book agents, I set out to have a definite online presence prior to the publishing of my memoir “Greenwich Meridian where east meets West.”

At first I was determined to have a website done. A computer dude told me that he doesn’t do websites, but recommended a service that does.

But, in the meantime while doing research for the memoir, I came across a WordPress like box for the Hawkins Chamber of Commerce in Texas.

In order to like and comment, I had to have a blog of my own. At first I was frustrated, but today I am thankful.

I went into blogging with an open mind, with one class of programming, some design experience from InDesign and Quark Express and 20 years of journalistic print experience.

My first blog post published on January 15th of last year was “Emma Palova biography.”


Just like with anything new there was a steep learning curve in the beginning accompanied by comments:

“Why are you doing this? Let somebody else do it,” said my husband Ludek as he watched me struggle with a post on a Friday afternoon. I wanted to make sure that the posts came out fresh for the weekend for the people to read when they have time.

I am a Taurus, a zodiac sign known for its persistence, determination and sometimes stubbornness.

“I don’t give up easily,” I replied. “Otherwise we wouldn’t be here.”

I was referring to our immigration to the USA in 1989 from former Czechoslovakia. I anchored the blog main posts on a mix of stories from the Czech immigration saga and big local stories like Lowell Expo 2014.

Two events further encouraged blogging. First, Writer’s Digest suggested blogging for others to make some revenue. Second, my freelance article on Frozen Creek Floral & Farms was rejected by several publications, while the editors suggested writing for their blogs. Well, I already had my own blog EW Emma’s Writings, why would I want to waste my time on courting mainly print publications?


Branching out


So, with Frozen Creek Floral entrepreneurial couple, I branched into the other favorite part of the blog: About local entrepreneurs & artists. This page profiles artists, business people, community members and interesting residents. I received probably the most followers from this section on Entrepreneur Extraordinaire in one day, followed by Of style & substance.

If you want to get profiled go to

The content has never been a problem for me. I have a million ideas a day. So, if I can get at least two a day formulated and formatted on the web, I win.

But, I share the problem of most writers and artists; I cannot immediately sit down and write down what the heck I was thinking about a minute ago. I loiter around, make more coffee, tea, or even worse I eat. In the best case scenario I head out into the terrain to get some photos. I love photography because it feeds into writing and gives me ideas.

Like Hemmingway, I am a morning writer. Whatever I don’t get down on the screen in the morning or early afternoon, it just doesn’t make it anywhere. At least not that day.

As the day gets old, so do my ideas and they change into something else into different energy.

To prevent this procrastination, I started a daily writing journal on Norcom composition books. They’re wide ruled and look like a book. In the movie and scriptwriting industry, these are called dailies or in French Le Quotidien.

On each new page, I make a plan for the day. A typical entry tracks on the left side what I need to write that day, ideas and design tasks. I also put the temperature and a sun or a cloud weather symbol on the left side, and my blood pressure readings ha ha ha.

On the right side: I first make a note if I did yoga, meditated and sometimes what I had for breakfast. I make a list of who I need to contact that day with their numbers and what I need to do other than write: meetings, webinars, lunches and such.

Next day, I go back to that page and see what I got done. The composition books have become a great reference for me, and they sit well on the bookshelf. I’ve accumulated several editions of these dailies. If I run out of ideas, I just turn back to these for reinvention.


To be continued


Copyright © 2014 story and photos by Emma Palova

Blogging musts

Blogging musts



EW Emma’s Writings


You only have a few minutes to make the first impression and to draw in the reader.


Whether you are a full-time blogger, part-time or just for fun, set a certain amount of time to write daily.


Discover your best writing time. Some people like Earnest Hemmingway prefer to write in the mornings before the day gets old and spoiled by events like your neighbor starts mowing grass. Others are typical night owls. Know your time.


You don’t have to write long to deliver the message. People don’t have a lot of time to read.


Open strong. You only have few minutes to make the first impression just like in an interview.


Find the most important detail you’re going to open with. If you are selling and writing about ice cream start with the leading ingredient. Let’s say chocolate.

If you are selling and writing about houses, write about the kitchen or the dining room where people tend to congregate.


Know what you are writing about. Don’t write about things you have no clue what they are.


Be knowledgeable and professional in your writing. Most readers are well versed in what they’re reading. They want to know more. Tell more and learn more.


Don’t write down to anyone. Period. Just think of Abercrombie how they upset people with their statement about overweight people


Don’t be afraid to discover. Writing is a journey on unknown paths.


Think before you write. Don’t rush into it. Like Anton Chekhov said, “Let it channel otherwise it won’t come out as true and honest.”


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Copyright ©2014 story and photos by Emma Palova

10 more reasons to blog

Blogs expand horizons


EW Emma’s Writings

As I wrote about the first 10 reasons to blog yesterday, I came up with 10 more since, that are equally important.

1-You’re making a definite online presence if you share via social media

2-You’re making your product, service or cause known so you are creating awareness, awareness leads to a change

3-You’re connecting with the world

4-You are sharing your happiness or unhappiness

5-Your blog further defines you, shapes you just as much as you shape the blog

6-Blogging expands your horizons beyond just the sunset or the sunrise, it shows you new paths

7-I cannot stress enough structure, structure, structure. Google loves structure

8-Have a goal for your blog. What do you want to achieve with your blog?

9-Have a unifying theme, set benchmarks and milestones

10-Compliment other successful people, feature them, talk to them, learn from them

See my story about Greg Canfield, Lowell Person of the Year 2014 on EW Emma’s Writings on

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10 reasons to blog

Blogging works

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings, Edition Emma

In my 20-some years of journalistic experience, I found out during last year that having a blog and blogging really works. First of all it is dynamic and kinetic unlike most static web pages. Unlike print, blogs move fast and they are not tied to specific media criteria.

I could list at least 100 reasons to have a blog and to blog.Following are the top 10 reasons:

1- A blog written with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) drives traffic to websites

2- It is a creative venture on the Internet open to all possibilities

3-It maximizes information easily accessible to anyone

4- A well-structured blog attracts professional attention

5-Blogs stimulate inspiration on daily basis in writers and readers, as well as professionals

6-Blogs offer a continuous flow that networks with others

7-Blogs are infinite, there are no boundaries to creating them

8-Blogs are a great means of expressing oneself

9-Blogs can anchor and deliver a specific point

10-Blogs are fun and entertaining

Bonus: You can have Mondays off

The power of written word

The power of the written word

Why write?

Because people love to read anything, anywhere and at anytime. And it works.

What’s the point of having a blog if you already have a website? Good question.

In the age of accelerated technology and devices that don’t have a name yet, the importance of the written word is just as paramount as it was in the biblical times.

The gentleman in the picture, Ferris State University professor emeritus Vaclav Konecny is reading the Count of Monte Cristo in French for the third time on the beach in Venice, while his daughter Emma Palova is working on blogs EW Emma’s Writings at inside the condo. Is it a sign of changing times?

Because people love to read anywhere, anything, anytime
Because people love to read anywhere, anything, anytime

How do we connect with other people? And how do we connect important words that properly convey the message. Think of the power of the following three-word sentence.

“I love you.”

How do we connect the information to the right people?

A picture may be worth a thousand words at the moment to those who know what it’s about, but what about three generations later that same picture will have nothing to say on its own merit without knowing who was in it or why was it taken.

This blog will tackle all of these questions and provide a platform for tips, advise, comments and feedback as well as networking.