March means spring book signing

Winter is over. Come to my spring book signing of Shifting Sands Short Stories on March 10 @LowellArts from 1 to 4 p.m. on the backdrop of the magnificent West Michigan Art Competition.


I cannot begin to express how glad I am that this winter is over; both in my mind and in my next book.

I finally crawled out of my hibernation this morning to see the ice on Murray Lake had melted. I know many fine ice fishermen were disappointed by this, as well as the constructors of the ice rinks in the area including “Bill Gates of Honey Creek.”

I also understand that the “snow toys ” are very expensive as they go unused. But, when I heard that swan flap her wings and land on water, and the first birds singing,I knew we had survived another winter.

I registered for Calvin College Conference on Faith & Writing this morning to connect with the publishing industry in my own hometown of Grand Rapids. Conferences out of town can be expensive.

Come to my next book signing of Shifting Sands Short…

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Inspiring Women

The women in Emma’s Writings

Write about a woman who has inspired you. You can also nominate one before International Women’s Day on March 8 for the Inspiring Women series on
My first story about an inspiring woman was about my paternal grandmother Anezka Konecna, born in Brest near Kromeriz in former Czechoslovakia.
The next woman who inspired my writings is my sister in law Jarmila Karmaskova of Stipa. She inspired my novel “Fire on Water.”
Currently, I am readying “Fire on Water” for publication.
And finally my mother Ella Konecna is the protagonist in “Greenwich Meridian:Where East meets West” (c)2018 Emma Palova.

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About the Inspiring Women series

This feature series is dedicated to all women who are making a difference in their communities. They work to improve other people’s lives, as well as their own.  They give  Profusely of themselves. In putting together this feature series, I was inspired by several moments in my life that in particular stand out.

Orchids in full bloom Enigmatic orchids

No.1  A dedication of a Relax, mind, body & soul book by Barbara Heller from my son Jake: “I dedicate this to my inspiring and motivational mother.” Kuba

No. 2  While on a story prior to Mother’s Day, I dropped in at Ace Bernard Hardware to talk about the prizes with owner Charlie Bernard. We talked also about the Lowell Area Chamber and its director Liz Baker.

“You know what I like about Liz, she keeps re-inventing herself,” Bernard said.

No. 3 Again on a story prior to the…

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