Blogging musts

Blogging musts



EW Emma’s Writings


You only have a few minutes to make the first impression and to draw in the reader.


Whether you are a full-time blogger, part-time or just for fun, set a certain amount of time to write daily.


Discover your best writing time. Some people like Earnest Hemmingway prefer to write in the mornings before the day gets old and spoiled by events like your neighbor starts mowing grass. Others are typical night owls. Know your time.


You don’t have to write long to deliver the message. People don’t have a lot of time to read.


Open strong. You only have few minutes to make the first impression just like in an interview.


Find the most important detail you’re going to open with. If you are selling and writing about ice cream start with the leading ingredient. Let’s say chocolate.

If you are selling and writing about houses, write about the kitchen or the dining room where people tend to congregate.


Know what you are writing about. Don’t write about things you have no clue what they are.


Be knowledgeable and professional in your writing. Most readers are well versed in what they’re reading. They want to know more. Tell more and learn more.


Don’t write down to anyone. Period. Just think of Abercrombie how they upset people with their statement about overweight people


Don’t be afraid to discover. Writing is a journey on unknown paths.


Think before you write. Don’t rush into it. Like Anton Chekhov said, “Let it channel otherwise it won’t come out as true and honest.”


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