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Exclusive by Storyteller2017 Emma

Watch for today’s Storyteller2017 posts including exclusive excerpts from the book Shifting Sands Short Stories coming out on Amazon on June 30.

The Storyteller2017 series from writer journalist to author of Shifting Sands Short Stories with excerpts started on June 20 with Emma Palova intro, followed by “The Beginnings ” on June 21 and “The Impermanence of Characters ” on June 22, the passion on June 23 posted on EW Emma’s Writings on and on Edition Emma Publishing.

This week, the posts included:

June 26  excerpt from “Therese’s Mind”

June 27 The third circle of stories with excerpts from the “Iron Horse”

June 28 In between circles, hit hard with excerpts from

” In the Shadows ”

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In between story circles, transforming the crisis.

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