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Stories Classified

Good to know the length of your work.

I wrote a book. Now what?

I have written a few novels, a couple Novella’s and a handful of short stories. It occurred to me that not everyone might know what that means. 

There are five classification of Stories. (Technically four, but I think Flash fiction deserves its own classification.)

The Novel, Novella, Novelette, Short Story and Flash fiction.

So what is the difference?

Flash fiction is 1000 words or under. Flash fiction technically fall under the category of short story as they are often called short-short stories. They usually focus on one singular incident or event and have three characters or less. Too many are hard to keep track of in such a short time. These stories tend to skip or give a brief synopsis of the ‘beginning’ of the story and jump right to the middle. Because of the compact ‘one bite’ nature of Flash fiction, they are somewhat difficult to write well…

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I most definitely will tackle this Daily Post prompt @farce. I love its implications. Follow the EW team on into summer 2017.

Poems and Petals

If anything could be called a farce, perhaps Donald trump as president would be it.

Just sayin’.

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