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Pick up a copy of my new book Shifting Sands Short Stories and come to my book signing on Sept.16 and Sept.17 at the one-room Fallasburg schoolhouse from 1 to 4 pm. Explore the historical village and the village bazaar unique vendors.


Pure Fallasburg

My second book signing of Shifting Sands Short Stories will be during the Fallasburg village bazaar and the Fall Fest for the Arts at the one-room schoolhouse museum from 1 to 4 p.m. Come, we will have refreshments. Come and chat about the egotistical characters like the perfect math professor Martin Duggan in the Temptation of Martin Duggan story.

Fallasburg Today

Get ready for an action-packed fun-filled weekend in the pioneer village of Fallasburg on Sept. 16 & Sept. 17 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The third annual Fallasburg village bazaar is upon us.

We Anticipate good weather and fun treasure seekers.

The village will be decked out in its autumn glory. Come and experience history of the 1850s village founded by John Wesley Fallass. Once you enter the Fallasburg Park hang a right at the Covered Bridge Road, and mainly cross the iconic Covered Bridge into the village that nestles on 42 acres on the banks of the Flat River.

The vendor booths will be located along the Covered Bridge Road between the historical buildings. That is on the lawn in front of the Tower Farm and by the Misner House with abundant parking.

Following is a list of vendors:

Non-profit vendors:

Lowell, Crew, Whites Bridge Historical Society group…

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Emma’s Book Signing

Emma Palova’s  next book signing of Shifting Sands Short Stories will be during the Fallasburg village bazaar and the Fall Festival for the Arts on Sept.16 and Sept.17 from 1pm to 4 pm.

Come and chat with the author about the egotistical characters in Shifting Sands Short Stories like the perfect math professor Martin Duggan in the story the Temptation of Martin Duggan.

You can pick up your book at Schuler Books in Grand Rapids on 28th Street and after Labor Day in Lansing.

We will have awesome fall desserts.

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If It Seems The Whole World Is Against You, Just One Friend Will Prove It’s Not… Be A Loyal Friend

One friend can make up for the misery of the entire world. Be that one friend and we’ll make a difference in the world, in our neighborhoods and communities.

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Today’s Challenge: If it seems the whole world is against you, just one friend will prove it’s not… Be a loyal friend.

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Watch “Shifting Sands book trailer” on YouTube

Check out the kindle discount deal on Shifting Sands Short Stories starting on Aug. 9 at


The video trailer to my new book Shifting Sands Short Stories captures well the main location for most of the stories, and that is Main Street in Riddleyville and a large Midwest retailer.

The characters fit in well like pieces of puzzle from big Irma to wise Ula in the retail setting of the “Orange Night.”

The story depicts the clearance madness symbolized by orange balloons that precedes back to school sales in August.

A drive back home through the Midwest cornfields proves to be a reprieve from the bargain seeking customers for Rachel.

In the story Danillo, the video shows the life of immigrants working in the apple orchards.

Watch for exclusive excerpts from the book Shifting Sands Short Stories.

The kindle version will be available at a discounted price through August 14 starting tomorrow on Amazon.

To buy book go to:

For book trailer go to:


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Partners in history

Emma Palova’s book signing of Shifting Sands Short Stories @fallasburg set for Sept. 16 & Sept. 17 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the one-room schoolhouse museum. Everyone is welcome.

Fallasburg Today

Local author book signing at the Fallasburg pioneer village during Fall Fest for the Arts and Fallasburg Village Bazaar

By Emma Palova

Lowell, MI -I find history being the biggest Partner
on my life’s journey. I have to  think back to the Soviet invasion of former Czechoslovakia on August 21, 1968, which has formed my life and the career of a writer all the way to the present author.

If it wasn’t for the Soviet invasion, my father former professor Vaclav Konecny would not have defected the occupied country for the USA. He was one of thousands of expatriates who illegally left the country in protest of the suppression of the Prague Spring reformist movement led by Alexander Dubcek.

I write about this in the Greenwich Meridian where East meets West memoir about the Konecny family immigration saga spanning three generations.

My writing has been inspired by the leader of…

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