Shifting Sands Short Stories reviews

“Tonight on Main” contrast the young with the old,  by Doc

Tonight on Main is a story that puts side by side the deception in the soul and heart of the old and the anticipation in the eyes of the young. We see several contrasts happening at the same time, the exposed sins in the thoughts of the old women and the innocence of the young boy. The fast paced and noisy main street and the slow nonchalantly unveiling card game on the table. Once in a while one of the old women resurfaces from her sea of nostalgia to bring everyone back to reality with a simple phrase, later proven to be fateful, which goes ignored. Hard to say if purposefully or by simple oblivion. The card game continues as the women sink deeper into their memories. Everyone is attached to the past and no one wants to live in the present as portrayed by the decaying porch and old curtains on the window. In the end, we find out that feelings like jealousy and the need for revenge burns strong in the human heart.


Orange Nights show stressful time at store


Shifting Sands Short Stories review by Selene

“Orange Nights”

Orange Night Review

This story talks about the insight of the life for the workers of a big store, there’s a general perspective about the life on this town called Riddleyville and how this store brought a new activity and refreshment to the town life.

Our characters have a clear daily routine and their life around their job on the magazine; one of the main characters is this young lady called Rachel who gets the opportunity to start working with the different experienced coworkers of the store, she starts getting curious about their own raisons why they end up working there for the longest time and what keeps them still coming back, even if they are conscious about monotones cycles that involves working in the store


One of the season promotions “The Orange Night” is about to start and the whole store needs to be prepare for it, there are tons of work to  be done  and not too much time for doing it; so the team needs to works extra hard to make this sale a success, but also Ula, one of the oldest worker on the store, wants to also celebrate the birthday of Wendell; a good friend who has been through a difficult moment since he’s just coming out from his second divorce.

This short story give us a little inside of what life is for the inside of the store, how many different personalities are involved to work together and even if the main objective is to gets the sales being a success, we get to see the human side of the people that are involved and how each of them brings a different perspective and motivation to get the job done.

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