Kindle giveaway of Shifting Sands Short Stories with excerpts

Take advantage of my kindle format giveaway of Shifting Sands Short Stories starting on March 8 at 12 am PST through March 9 at 12 pm PST.

You will save $7.99.

I love the kindle format for it’s versatility and interactiveness. It’s a great learning tool for both readers and writers.

The link is:

The book is a collection of 13 stories divided into three circles: Immigration, journalism and retail.

Inspired by Earnest Hemingway and his Paris memoir, I like to call the stories “a moveable feast” because of their cinematic qualities. According to agents, my stories and writing are very visual.

I will also be working on creating the audio version of the book.

Here is an excerpt from “Orange Nights.”

The most interesting thing in the store were the changing seasons and the colors reflecting them. The summer colors were still vibrant, and hanging in the air or it could have been the nostalgia after a summer passing by.

“Why did you stay in the store all these years, Irma?”asked Rachel doubtful and wondering about her own future.

“You come in young like most, because you don’t know what to do with yourself,” said Big Irma. “And after a while you just get used to it, and you’re afraid of change. Just look around you. What do you see?”

However, it was all in what you didn’t see. Those were the underlying currents of being stuck in any situation in life, and not being able to move forward. It had different names, that all came under one label. That label was fear.

And fear had many faces. It was hiding under different coats of comfort and security, assurances or the lack of them.

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